Glam Booth



The Package

- White Backdrop (matte or sequin) -or- Black Backdrop (matte or sequin)

- Photobooth Attendant

- Choice of 2x6 Strips -or- 4x6 Postcard Size Prints for Guests (3 to 4 images on print) 

- Guests Can Come Through As Much As They'd Like*

- Custom Black and White Print Design

- Gently Retouched Digital Photos

- Digital Images Emailed within 72 Hours

- Online Gallery*

- Free Setup/Teardown

*Items marked with an asterisk* have additional details below


The Pricing

3 hours (partial reception) - $950


Full Reception  - $1250

For Full Reception, we're open from the start of cocktail hour until the DJ plays the last song.

We will close the booth for one hour during dinner (to eat)

and pricing does not include 'after-party' time.

The Extras + Upgrades




Print Upgrade



- Standard Box of Loose Prints $20

- Lux Glass & Gold Box of Loose Prints $100

-Scrapbook $100

- 5x7 Metallic-Like Finish Prints $250

- Single Image 4x6 Prints for Guests $100

- Add Time at the Wedding $75 per 1/2 Hour

    (this is during the reception and billed the following day)

- GO GREEN! $50 OFF the package!

    Instead of physical prints, guests exclusively use the

    the text option on the booth to share their photos

    to themselves.



**The next steps: When you book with us, we'll send you a contract to reserve the date. 10 weeks prior to the wedding we'll send you a booth prep questionnaire to get the booth ready for the wedding day. This will have questions such as print design thoughts, day-of timeline, and other details. For the custom print design, we want the those to match your wedding style and they'll be black and white. We always like to make a couple designs to compliment your wedding invitations, too. If you are using a monogram or specific fonts throughout the signage, we'd love to incorporate that in to the print design!

*After the wedding, we want you to have access to your photos right away. Within 72 hours (but most often the next day) we'll send you a folder of gently retouched digital images via that is easily downloaded to your computer. Use them as you wish!

*Unlimited prints means that each guest that comes through the booth is able to get one copy of their print for that session in the booth. Say there are five guests in the booth, each of those five guests will get a copy of their print.


*Adult guests can come through the booth as much as they'd like! We do ask all children to be accompanied with an adult for their supervision around the photography equipment, but they are welcomed little guests!

*The online gallery is quick, easy access for your guests to download and share photos. These photos are not watermarked, and gently retouched prior to uploading. There is a small, unobtrusive line on the physical print that says "download your photos at" which is often edited out of the digital images prior to posting. Check out the gallery here

*The Glam Booth can not be combined with the regular printing booth - it uses a different camera and software system.

*The Glam Booth does not come with props


Ready to lock in your date?

Reply to the email chain we've started and let us know you want to reserve your date!

Everything is done online and super easy.


We'll email:

-a standard contract

This locks in your date with us.

-the booth prep questionnaire to get the booth ready for the day

This is emailed 10 weeks prior to the wedding.

The questionnaire has questions regarding your print design thoughts, backdrop selection, timeline, etc. We like to have this back two months prior to the wedding so we can start the print design options (3 to 5 designs to pick from).


-there is no deposit required

Invoice is due any time prior to the wedding. We'll send the invoice after the booth prep questionnaire is filled out closer to the date.​

Thanks so much and please let us know if you have any questions or ideas!!

We can't wait to party with you!!