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Amanda & Adam {Wedding}

Saturday night was definitely loaded with exciting happenings! Most importantly, it was Amanda and Adam's wedding day. Their reception was at the Pittsburgh Opera brought to life with a romantic, intimate atmosphere of warm golden tones and plum purple. Their photo prints out design mimicked this feel, too.

The next fun happening was there was a Pgh Penguins Stanley Cup Playoff that evening which doubled the amount of energy for a wedding reception. They requested a few additional props to keep with the team spirit so we made Penguin props and they brought along a large Stanley Cup and a few other fun things to add to the mix!

Adam's logo for Southpaw Brewing Co can not be left out, too! I get these request sometimes and I wish I could make custom props more often, so future couples take note! If there is something that is special to you as a couple that is .. let's say.. propable please let me know! Pets, hobbies, something that pertains to how you met - anything can be a prop!

Next, the surprise! Amanda blindfolded Adam and brought everyone outside. Amanda brought in the BurghBites truck for everyone to have a late-night snack. They had a hotdog named for them that evening called the WienerSchmittzel! Love it!!

Below are a few more images from the evening, along with a highlight reel of the photo booth and a few still images. Enjoy and congrats to Amanda & Adam!! Cheers!