Lux Lite



The Package

- Custom Start Screen*

- White or Color Ring Light

- Text, Email, and Airdrop

- Live Gallery*

- Boomerangs

- Photos


-Free Setup/Teardown

-Guests Can Come Through As Much As They'd like

*Items marked with an asterisk* have additional details below. Please Read!


The Pricing


We only bill for the hours you'd like the booth open to guests.

3 Hours or Less - $500


Full Reception

Need more than 3 hours? 

For Full Reception we're open from guests arrival until the DJ's last song! 

Open during cocktails, dinner, and dancing, dancing, dancing!



answers to frequently asked questions

*Lux Lite is an unattended booth, typically there will not be an attendant during the rental period of this booth. We do set it up and pick it up. 

*The Start Screen will match your wedding colors/style

*The ring light is always on. It will be white or match the colors of your wedding. The light will always flash white when taking a photo.

*The Live Gallery is accessible during the wedding and afterward. Guests get this link when they text/email/airdrop their photo or video to themselves. We'll email this link to you after the wedding, too.

*Lux Lite does not print and does not come with props.

*We encourage you to use a wall space at the venue for the backdrop. It can be a plain wall, textured wall, brick wall, curtained wall, artsy wall, greenery space. etc.  We've done a lot of weddings in the Pittsburgh area, so if you're unsure of a good spot for the booth, just ask, we're happy to help! You can use one of our backdrops if the venue does not have wall space to use.

Ready to lock in your date?

Reply to the email chain we've started and let us know you want to reserve your date!

Everything is done online and super easy.

We'll email:

-a standard contract

-a questionnaire to get the booth ready for the day

-there's no deposit required right now due to Covid-19

(The questionnaire has questions regarding your color scheme, wedding style, what time you'd like the booth to run, etc. We don't need this back until around a month in advance of the wedding.

Thanks so much and please let us know if you have any questions or ideas!!

We can't wait to party with you!!